Selective Demolition

Sometimes you just need to take out a few walls or maybe even a ceiling and leave the rest of the structure intact. Or maybe you need to add a few stories to an existing building. The precision needed for jobs like this is hard to find, unless you call DT. Our skilled crew can operate with the accuracy of a heart surgeon, demolishing only what’s needed.

We have the equipment, knowledge, and experience needed to pull off the hardest selective demolition jobs out there. Need to take down a structure that shares walls with a building you don’t want to touch? Done it. Need to take the roof off to add a story or two? Done it. Need to take out a single wall? Bought that t-shirt.

Project example.

Microwave Antenna Removal from Luther Building

DT performed the surgical demolition of an obsolete microwave tower, from the roof of a 6 story occupied structure. The steel frame was cut into sections and lowered onto a truck below. The project required precise pick plans and weight calculations. Total height of the structure was 180 feet. The project was completed without incident and on schedule. 

Interior Demolition

  Exterior Demolition


  Building Separation