Asbestos Services

There’s no scarier word in construction than, asbestos. Thankfully we’re fully trained and ready to handle any kind of asbestos situation. During our site assessment our licensed inspectors check the ACM levels to see what course of action is needed. After the assessment, we make sure everything is fully compliant with NESHAP standards during the abatement process. Our team is so skilled in asbestos abatement, we frequently clean up after other demolition companies who were doing an improper job.

Project Example.

Majestic Hotel

The 9 story tower and adjoining structure was constructed of poured in place concrete slabs and structural steel with masonry veneer. A parking garage constructed of heavy duty concrete columns and decking sits under the tower. In addition to this project, a three story hotel tied into the tower is being demolished with concrete columns and shear walls. DT was awarded the contract for the RFP to the City of Hot Springs for asbestos abatement and demolition of the entire structure.

Asbestos Inspection

 NESHAP Notifications

 Asbestos Abatement