Afton Dig & Haul

DT provided environmental remediation of contaminated soils for regulated disposal of 103,500 cubic feet. All saw cuts, excavation, trucking, and imported material was coordinated and provided within DT resources. Each load of contaminated soil was transported over 90 miles round trip for disposal, and the project was completed within 40 working days to beat the original bid schedule. Alongside the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, and Enercon Services, all load counts, manifests, and documentation was submitted for final inspection. DT also provided site development services in sodding and watering of the site upon completion for a uniform look to the property owner.

Location: 21507 S HWY 69 – Afton, OK

Start Date: August 2016

Completion: September 2016

Contact: Andrew Foreman, Enercon Services, Inc., Project Manager