How Professional Dump Truck Drivers Stay Safe

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You’ve probably seen them on the roads and highways — on their way to or from construction or demolition sites — dump trucks. These steel monsters help haul tons of material in countries all over the world every day to keep all manner of materials moving to their intended destinations. You may be wondering how on earth dump truck drivers stay safe on the job site as well as their journeys. Let’s take a look.

Inspection Before Use

Dump trucks are used in some of the least hospitable environments imaginable. Whether they’re hauling the materials used to build roads or hauling away debris from a demolition site, they’re highly susceptible to damage. The problem with this damage is that when under the stress of a load or the weight of the rest of the truck, it can put crews and other drivers at considerable risk in the event of an equipment failure. To prevent such incidents, professional dump truck drivers regularly inspect their trucks for damaged parts. Hoses, safety lights, tires, tire pressure — all of these and more are inspected to ensure a safe and productive workday.

The Buddy System

Dump trucks are impressively large vehicles with substantial power. While these are two strengths of a dump truck, these are also the vehicle’s most significant weaknesses. The larger a truck, the more blindspots it may have, and the more damage it can do if its movements are not carefully planned. For the safety of demolition and construction crew members as well as the general public, many dump truck drivers enlist the help of a fellow crew member to help guide their dump trucks safely through construction or demolition zones. This second set of eyes from a different vantage point reduces the number of incidents that may occur if a dump truck driver is unsure of their surroundings.

Obeying Weight Limits

For as robust as they are, every dump truck has its maximum weight load capacity. These weight limits ensure that the dump trucks are not damaged in the hauling and loading processes and that all crew members remain safe. Dump truck drivers who do not obey the recommended weight limits of their truck or job site put themselves, their fellow crew members, the general public, and the success of the project in jeopardy.

Loading on Level Ground

Dump trucks are incredibly impressive vehicles that appear to be able to handle any task thrown at them. While this is true most of the time, when the center of gravity of a dump truck is compromised, this can be incredibly dangerous for all involved. One of the leading reasons for dump truck tip-overs is due to loading materials while the truck is situated on unlevel ground. When a dump truck is loaded on unlevel ground, this causes the material to settle to one side, changing the weight distribution of the vehicle. This unbalanced load can result in the truck tipping to one side. A professional dump truck driver knows the safe means of loading is always on level ground — allowing for an even settling of materials and weight over the axles of the vehicle.

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